what is seamless underwear

What is Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is an item of tridimensional one-time forming undergarment manufactured by seamless circular knitting machine. Seamless means less sewing, fewer seams, fewer stitches. There are no seamed lines all around the main body of seamless clothing, and fewer stitches on the other parts.

Seamless underwear also can be called as seamless undergarment, it usually refers to the clothing worn next to the skin, beneath outer clothes, such as seamless panties and briefs, seamless bras, seamless shapewear, and close-fitting seamless fitness clothing such as crop tops and leggings.

Wearers love seamless underwear for the reason that they could be forgiving, nonrestrictive and they are not binding. The decrease of seams gives increased relax and leisure when the body moves.

The main differences between ordinary underwear and seamless underwear

1, Manufacturing process

Regular underwear is mostly sewed from many pieces of cutted cloth, there are plenty of stitches across the fabric.

Seamless underwear is made directly from a combination of yarn materials including Nylon yarn, Polyester yarn, Elastane yarn, Cotton yarn, etc. These yarns are evenly knitted in the interior of clothing in order of longitude and latitude. The semi-finished underwear is just like a large columnar sock.

2, Appearance

There are no sewing lines and threads in the primary body parts and the waistband bottom of seamless underwear.

3, Customized jacquard pattern

You may need to buy a whole piece of existing jacquard fabric to make regular underwear, and all the patterns have been decided by the fabric supplier. You do not get a chance to show your design talent even on your own private logo items!

Seamless knitted clothing has already solved this problem. The jacquard pattern on seamless underwear can be customized freely. You can just send your favorite jacquard design to the manufacturer and they will weave them on in the knitting process.

seamless underwear appearance


The biggest misconception about seamless underwear

“Seamless underwear is completely no seamed lines!” That is the largest misunderstanding we’ve ever heard.

“Seamless” is relative to the concept of “Seamed”. Although the main body of underwear is one take and seamless, the crotch of panties, the limbs of tops, the straps of bras all need to be sewn primitively.


How to manufacture seamless underwear?

The seamless underwear production process perfectly combines mechanized knitting and manual sewing. This technique greatly increases manufacturing effectiveness and reduces substance reduction.

The main 5 manufacturing procedures are Computer graphics, Knitting, Dyeing, Sewing, Ironing.

1, Computer graphics (CG)

This is a unique step in the production of seamless underwear. The designer needs to design a program in a computer software according to the sample style, and then import the program into the circular knitting machine for the “Blank cloth” weaving.

2, Knitting

Knitting, also called “weaving”, it will be the greatest difference between seamless underwear and other clothing within the manufacturing method. The semi-manufactured textile of seamless underwear is knitted straight from yarn to semi-finished cloth with a machine, while regular underwear is made from cutting out of the entire material.

Seamless underwear factories use circular knitting equipment to weave. The most often employed yarn supplies are Nylon, Spandex and Polyester and Cotton yarn. The semi-done textile woven from seamless knitting machine is called “Blank cloth”. When a “Blank cloth” was born, it needed to be rigorously inspected by way of a knitter.

Knitters must ensure that the blank cloth reaches the conventional weight and there are no broken yarns, horizontal outlines or yarn mistakes. Then they will select the eligible garments and put them in the turnover package, for the next procedure – dyeing.

3, Dyeing

Dyeing is normally completed in an expert underwear dyeing manufacturing facility. A specialized dye manufacturing facility will manage your dyeing problems, and simply go fight along with them when there is an excellent difficulty. Some seamless underwear manufacturers get their own dyeing workshop and it also does conserve a number of the expenses. The premise is they have professional dyeing specialists and administrators.

Dyeing is an amazing substance process. Optional color is also a big advantage of seamless underwear. An overall total of 2,310 forms of TPX Pantone color cards can all be mixed up. Just permit your clients to pick the favorable color cards they love!

4, Cutting and Sewing

Seamless underwear doesn’t indicate it will not need to cut and sew. The producer has to stop the extra textile over the cutting lines of the dyed cloth.

Because of the elastic function of seamless clothing, sewing workers should be educated before they start work. That is certainly, “Skill originates from practice”.

5, Ironing

Similar to sewed underwear, it is a regimen stage. For seamless underwear, high-heat ironing includes a shaping effect to your certain degree. Therefore, ironers should pay more attention to the tension of the clothing during ironing to avoid the size deviation of the completed product.


Seamless underwear features

1, Body-building and close-fitting

You will not need to worry about bumps as well as folds. When a regular apparel is cut and also stitched, the seamlines show up tighter than the textile panel due to the fact that even though the supplier uses zig-zag sewing for the four-way stretch material, the thread is not stretchy. This can in some cases lead to undesirable folds up that aren’t also flattering.

2, Frictionless and no-chafing

Since seamless activewear minimizes stitching as well as cut-and-stitch, there is minimum seamlines as well as this will not create any type of rubbing or chafing on your skin as you won’t have any kind of awkward seams there to irritate or sidetrack you during training. Instead, the textile will relocate with your body, so you’ll be free to squat till you go down!

3, Durable in use

There are no panels sewn with each other by non-elastic textile that rip when they’re extended and also drawn away from one another. The reality that there are no heavily-stitched seams in seamless undergarments suggests that it’s additionally incredibly resilient, making it a superb option for health club wear as clothes are frequently based on numerous pulls and stretches throughout a requiring training session.

seamless undergarments features

4, Light-weight

It’s a fact that seams bring weight. Less seams means less heaviness. That’s why when you put on your seamless bras or leggings, they feel so light and so comfortable. Light-weight apparel is ideal for workout. When you’re putting your body with its speeds you require space to take a breath.

Seamless underclothing is the ideal light layer that gives you support without really feeling heavy or bulky. Remain great and also comfortable throughout your session. Many fitness apparel manufacturers make it as a comfortable and lightweight fashion.

5, Various customized design

There are a number of variations for routine cut-and-stitch clothes, and the creativity can just be shown through prints, or color block method. That’s a limit for designers.

With seamless technology, a set of seamless leggings can be woven already with its own patterns, complete with perforated areas, mesh-like areas. This is due to the fact that seamless garment knitting machines enable different knits to be put together side by side.

6, Cost-saving

For producers, the crucial benefits for creating seamless underwear are how much time is saved to create a garment. When producing regular cut-and-stitch product, lots of aspects, such as pattern-making, cutting, changing, and sewing, add to the total production time, and time is money.

A semi-finished seamless clothing, on the other hand, can be knitted in minutes (although using a fairly expensive machine). Seamless garments take 30 ~ 40% less time to manufacture than a cut-and-sew items.

In addition, material spreading and cutting and subsequent stitching operation is not there and eventually no material waste here. So, there is conserving of yarn and fabrics.

7, Comfortable

A significant benefit of seamless underclothing is the reality that these are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Such clothing is breathable, soft, composed of great material and highly flexible. Even when a little weight is placed on or shed, these can accustom quickly to the body and fit fine.


Two of the most important things to choose the right seamless underwear

Nobody wishes to feel their underwear pinching, drooping, rolling, or rising throughout the day since that suggests you’re stuck moving them. Discovering comfy underclothing isn’t hard once you understand how to get the best fit and select a great material.

1, Selecting the Right Material

1) For everyday dressing, look for seamless cotton underwear.

Cotton is king when it comes to comfy underwear due to the fact that it is breathable. Because of the possibility of yeast infections, cotton undergarment is an especially great alternative for females. Seamless cotton underwear is likewise less most likely to trigger chafing or rashes.

Think about the kind of underclothing identified as “seamless” or “no-lines.” They do not have any flexible in the hips or leg openings, making them perfect for fitted garments. A cotton lining in the crotch is very important for another factor: it’s breathable. If the crotch lining is artificial, then you run the risk of trapping wetness, which can result in infections.

2) Do not  always wear silk seamless underwear. Silk underclothing certainly has an elegant, attractive feel; however, it does not breathe as well as cotton. Just use silk underclothing on unique events for the comfiest feel.

3) For fitness or sportswear, look for nylon-spandex, or nylon-polyester-spandex blended fabric.

These blended materials have the function of stretchy, moisture absorption and drainage, it maximizes dryness and motivation while exercising and working out.

2, Getting the best fit

1) Determine your waist and hips. You’ll have the ability to discover the appropriate size for your underwear if you understand your waist and hip measurements. Utilize a measuring tape to determine your natural waist and the max part of your hips so you can pick the comfiest size for your body.

You can discover your natural waist by flexing sideways. A crease will form at your waist to assist you determine it. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground when you determine your hips.

2) Check your measurements to speak with sizing details. It’s an excellent concept to determine both your waist and hips two times to make certain that you get the very same measurement both times. As soon as you have your waist and hip measurements, you can speak with the sizing details for any underclothing you’re thinking about to guarantee an appropriate fit.

Inspecting your measurement is necessary, since often you do not get it right the very first time. If your measurements are various on the 2nd shot, determine them a 3rd time. Among these sets ought to compare, so utilize that set of measurements when shopping.

3) Search for company flexible. Nobody wishes to be plucking their underclothing throughout the day to keep it from slipping or dropping. Select underclothing that has company flexible in the waistband so you understand it will remain in location.

While company flexible at the waist is handy in underclothing, prevent designs with elasticized leg holes. They tend to bunch up, which can be uneasy.

4) Prevent seamless undergarment that’s too tight. Underwear that’s too tight does not simply cause uncomplimentary bulges and swellings underneath your clothes; it can likewise trigger skin chafing and inflammation from the friction. In general, any underclothing that’s tight enough to leave marks on your skin is too tight.

Fortunately, seamless underwear has the basic parameter of elastic and stretch, so, it won’t be very tight compare with other undergarments.

5) Look for bunching, rolling, or drooping. Prior to leaving your house for the day, it is necessary to ensure that your underwear is lying efficiently versus your body. Any set that lots, rolls, or droops under your clothes is going to be unpleasant since you’ll be moving them to keep them from pinching your skin or dropping.

Not just can bunching underwear be uneasy in the long run, however it can likewise look untidy and mess up even the very best attire. This is specifically crucial with gowns and skirts!

If your underclothing is bunching, adjust it so that it sits correctly on you. If it still lots, change to a various set. Bunching, rolling, and drooping is typically an indication of old, used underwear; it indicates that the material has actually lost its stretch and is now too huge for you.


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