What Does Cationic Dyeable Polyester Mean

What Does Cationic Dyeable Polyester Mean?

Polyester fiber is often seen as a fibre that is difficult to color. The coloring temperature of polyester is usually above 130 ℃. Today let’s talk about a modified polyester that can be dyed at 120-125℃ with matching dye- Cationic dyeable polyester fiber.

Cationic dyeable polyester is abbreviated as PBT or CD. It is basically a normal polyester macromolecule with a little cationic color response link.

Because cationic dyeable polyester will respond with cationic color in the coloring procedure, the color fastness of colored material is higher than that of common polyester.

Cationic fibers and cationic polyester yarn, which appear like light-emitting polyester however likewise have a small radiance when woven into the material, are without a doubt the most effective adjustment of polyester.

These fibers can be colored with disperse dyes. Compared to ionic dyes, disperse dyes have actually smaller sized molecular termination coefficients and lower build-up business or property homes, so these dyes can not supply deep and dazzling colors.

cationic dyeble polyester fabric

Distinctions between cationic dyeable polyester yarn and normal polyester

  • The cationic colored polyester yarn has much better hygroscopic efficiency than traditional polyester yarn.
  • Normal polyester clothing is simple to create fixed electrical power, while cationic clothing not.
  • Under the exact same material condition, the cationic feel must be stiff.
  • The color fastness of cationic polyester is much better than that of common polyester, which can be utilized to produce garments with high color fastness requirements.
  • The color of cationic polyester is darker than that of normal polyester under the exact same dyeing condition since of the much better dyeing efficiency of cationic fiber.
  • Cationic materials can be compared to natural materials in regards to using convenience and color. And it is lower in rate than natural silk, which produces a greater included worth.

Why cationic dyeable polyester is darker than regular polyester under the exact same dyeing condition?

  • Cationic dyeable polyester can be colored with cationic dyes, while normal polyester not.
  • Under the very same dyeing conditions, the cationic coloring temperature level is lower than that of normal polyester, due to the fact that it has a longer dyeing time.
  • Since it is simpler to paint, cationic polyester has a lower crystallinity than routine polyester.

4 Advantages of cationic dyeable polyester

  1. At 120 ~ 125 ℃, the material can choose the cationic color coloring levelness; Polyester should be colored with dispersing color at 130 ~ 135 ℃. 2 kinds of polyester come into being the development of two-color material (with the exception of medium and light colors).
  2. Due to the terrific water-absorbing, cationic colored polyester appropriates for the production of customized physical fitness clothing, sportswear, underwears, and so on. In environmental management, cationic polyester ammonia fabric is commonly utilized, it can be utilized as ecological polyester material.
  3. The cationic material has high wear resistance. The materials blended with cationic polyester, normal polyester, spandex or other synthetic fiber material, have much greater strength, much better flexibility. The wear resistance of them is 2nd just to nylon.
  4. Cationic dyeable polyester materials have some chemical residential or commercial properties, such as rust resistance, water down alkali resistance, lightning resistance, along with some physical homes, such as the capability to withstand ultraviolet light.

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